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... Two Easy Steps
Soft Pouch   Pelican Box   Refill Pack    
A water resistant pouch to suit the majority of applications

  A 100% waterproof and crushproof box for the ultimate protection.

  The same kit in a blister pack to refill an existing box or pouch.  

1. Select a kit

30 Minutes From Help              
Personal kit,  Jet-Skis, Windsurfers,
Dinghies and Small Ribs

60 Minutes From Help

Sports Boats, RIBs, Day Fishing, Open Boats, Day Sailing and Grab Bags.        

180 Minutes From Help

Power Cruisers, Sailing Yachts, Large RIBs, Fishing,  Diving and Grab Bags.
Up to Cross-Channel Level.




For First Aid and Medical kits for longer voyages and larger vessels please consider the SeaMedic range of modular kits


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