First Aid & Medical Kits for Ocean Going Yachts

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Resuscitation Aid, Triangular Bandages, Crepe Bandages (2 sizes), Skin Closures, Wipes, large sterile adhesive wound dressings, knuckle plasters, sterile wound dressings (2 sizes), washproof plasters, sterile gauze swabs, sterile eye pads, fingercots, Watergel burn dressing, sterile eye wash pods, antiseptic dry powder spray, foil blanket, stainless steel forceps (2 styles), safety pins, nursing scissors,  latex gloves, penlight, vomit bags, instant cool pack, and St. John's First Aid Manual.

This is packed in a specially designed easy access way with a product information guide, further advice on additional medicines that would be suitable to include e.g. analgesic, anti sea-sickness remedy, sunscreen etc and an order replenishment guide. 



It has to be borne in mind that this module is intended to be purchased with MODULE 1 if extended deep sea cruising is envisaged. This would necessitate a larger vessel and more crew. There would also be a need for longer treatment until assistance is available. Thus some items are repeated from Module 1 as additional quantities would be needed. Guidance for use of some of the items and particularly the medicines that should be obtained should be sought form the Shipís Captainís Medical Guide.


Emergency Dental Kit, Gauze swabs, tubular finger gauze bandage, crepe bandages (3 sizes), elastic adhesive bandage, surgical tape, skin closures (2 sizes), sterile adhesive wound dressings, knuckle plasters, sterile wound dressings (2 sizes), washproof plasters, Watergel dressings (2 sizes), sterile eye and wound wash spray, plastic spray dressing, Coolgel, latex gloves, vomit bags, instant cool packs, body fluid disposal kit.

Also included is DEET insect repellent (60%) antiseptic aqueous solution, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, rehydration sachets.

A list of suggested medicines available via a Medical Practitionerís order and an order replenishment guide are included. 



This module has been designed to cope with the surgical needs when on extended voyages.


Laerdal Mask and other Guedal airways, gauze swabs. Conforming bandages, thermometer, Malleable splint sets, Universal Neck collar, plastic sheeting, disposable towel roll, sterile medical pack of syringes needles, giving set, sutures etc in a belt pouch capable of being taken ashore for expeditions etc, needle collector, razors, haemostatic clamp, scalpels and burn  cling film (glad wrap).

An order replenishment guide is included, 



For extended voyages there has to be the ability to diagnose and treat many minor ailments, serious conditions and accidents possibly for lengthy periods. Using the MCA regulations in conjunction with the Shipís Captainís Medical Guide we have prepared a list of medicines required. These medicines will need to be obtained via a prescription or signed order from a medical practitioner. Please be aware that laws governing supply of medicines differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and local advice may be necessary. This is especially the case if Controlled Drugs such as Morphine are required. Import and export licences may also be required.

Therefore Module 4 contains the recommended list and the requisition letter. The modular box and tray inserts are available to hold the contents once obtained.  


Disclaimer:- Whilst the contents of these modules are correct at the time of publishing, Blue Water Supplies and The First Aid Pharmacist reserve the right to alter or substitute any or all of the components without notice.  Under normal circumstances changes will constitute improvements.  In any case every effort will be made to maintain the quality and suitability of all components so that  the module is of a similar or improved standard to details published.





1 2 3 4 ARC

Module Boxes etc.
FES445433 SeaMedic Box Small (Module 1) with Lid Panel P        
FES445434 SeaMedic Box Med (Custom) with Lid Panel          
FES445596 SeaMedic Box Lge (Modules 2,3 & 4) with Lid Panel   P P P P
FES445597 SeaMedic Box X-Lge (Custom) with Lid Panel          
PVC1 SeaMedic Shelf Panel P P P P P
VEL1 Velcro Securing Kit P P P P P

MED0030 Ships Captain's Medical Guide          
FA1 First Aid (St John's Ambulance Guide) P        
Individual Components
SMD7889B Sterile Eye Pad P        
SMD7776 Washproof plasters (20asstd) P P     P
SMD3936 Triangular Bandage P        
SMQ2100 Safety Pins (6) P        
SMD5217 10 Moist Wipes P        
MD7631 Medium sterile dressing 12 x 12 pad P P     P
SMD7632 Large sterile dressing 18 x 18 pad P P     P
SME401S 5 x Sterile Eye Wash Pods (20ml each) P        
SMA501 Resuscitation Aid P        
SMA301 1 x pr Vinyl gloves P P     P
SMD3980 Crepe bandage 5cm P P     P
SMD3981 Crepe bandage 7.5cm P P     P
SMD3982 Crepe bandage 10cm   P     P
SMD4708 Skin closures small P P     P
SMD4710 Skin closures large   P     P
SMD7279s Knuckle plasters each P P     P
SMD7135s Primapore wound dress sm P P     P
SMD7871 1 x 5 sterile gauze swabs P       P
SMM6480 Savlon Dry Powder Spray P       P
SMQ2290bks Instant ice pack P P     P
SMD8035 Box fingercots asstd P        
SMD8090 Watergel Burn Dressing 5 x 15 P P     P
SMD8092 Watergel Burn dressing 10 x 40   P     P
SMQ2220 1 pr nursing scissors P       P
SMQ2090 Pointed forceps stainless steel P        
SMQ2091 Blunt forceps stgainless steel P        
SMQ2270 Penlight P       P
SMQ2023 Foil Blanket P        
SMQ2280s Vomit Bags P P      
SMQ3014 Emergency Dental Kit   P     P
SME441 Sterile Eye wash and Wound Wash Spray   P     P
SMD3939 Tubegauz finger bandage + Applic   P     P
SMF11234K Elastic adhesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m   P      
SMD4703 Micropore 2.5cmx 5m   P     P
SMD3792 1 x 100 Gauze swabs   P P    
SMM6450 Plastic Spray Dressing Opsite   P     P
SMR394 Body Fluid Disposal Kit   P      
SMM6786 1 x Coolgel bottle for burns or Burngel   P     P
SMA525 Laerdal Mask     P    
SMA514 Guedal Airways Size 3      P    
SMA515 Guedal Airways Size 4     P    
SMD3991 Conforming bandage 7.5cm     P    
SMQ2260 Thermometer     P    
SMQ3010 EuroSplint     P   P
SMQ2346 Wizloc Universal Immobilisation neck Collar     P    
SMQ3015 Magnifying Glass     P    
SMQ2150 Nail brush     P    
SMQ3007s Waterproof plastic sheeting 1m x 2m     P    
SMQ2070e Disposable paper towels or roll     P    
SMK363 Sterile Medical Pack in Pouch     P   P
SMQ2057 Sharps needle Collector     P    
SMQ3016 Disposable razors     P    
SMQ2088 Haemostatic Clamp (e.g. Spencer Wells Forceps)     P    
SMQ2216s Disposable Scalpel Sterile and blade lge     P   P
SMQ2217s Disposable Scalpel Sterile and blade sml     P   P
SMQ3017 Cling Film     P    
SMD5186s Injection Swabs 10     P    
SMQ3022 Catheter foley 16ch 10ml          
SMM6327 DEET mosquito repellent in liquid form (Mijex)   P      
SMM70525 HIBISCRUB Solution for antiseptic   P      
SMM7013 Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol 250ml   P      
SMM7014 Sodium Bicarbonate for stings   P      
SMM7006 Rehydration sachets Ė dioralyte   P