First Aid & Medical Kits for Ocean Going Yachts

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How the Modules Stack Up


Module One - First Aid - A comprehensive offshore first aid kit designed for use within helicopter range of medical assistance.  This is ideal for channel crossings and extended continental cruising.  Intended for use with the St Johns Ambulance First Aid Handbook (included), This kit is far more extensive than most offshore first aid kits on the market.*


A compromise version of modules 2 and 3 for those undertaking a single Atlantic crossing in company of other vessels.  To be used in conjunction with a comprehensive first aid kit such as the SeaMedic module 1 or a CrewMedic 180. 


Module Two - Treatment -To be used alongside module one, this kit includes additional medical equipment and basic medicines* to aid treatment, cure or survival until outside assistance is available.  This is the minimum realistic requirement for Trans-ocean voyages even in company of other vessels.  At this level outside assistance is not readily available; therefore equipment for effective treatment is included.  This module is intended to be used in conjunction with The Ships Captains Medical Guide. 309


Module Three - Equipment -To be used alongside modules one and two, this kit includes advanced equipment to treat a variety of possible injuries.  This is ideal for larger vessels or those undertaking extended cruising. Includes universal neck brace, splints, Guedal airways, etc.


Module Four - Supplementary Medicine Further medicines recommended for extended offshore cruising.*





* Please note that MEDICINES are NOT included in any of the modules.  Suggested medicine lists are included together with request forms.  Requests must be handled by the medical practitioners of the jurisdiction where the vessel is based.  Import and export procedures for the countries to be visited must also be adhered to.