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VAT Advice

Blue Water Supplies is able to assist you with VAT advice concerning the status of your vessel.  We have contact with specialist lawyers in Jersey and continental Europe to assist.  The main points to consider are the following:-

  • The VAT status of a vessel is not related to the port of registry.  For example, it is possible to have a VAT paid Jersey registered vessel and a VAT free Southampton registered vessel.

  • An EU resident is required to pay the VAT on their vessel in the first port of entry into the EU if it has not been paid already.

  • If a VAT paid vessel is sold outside the EU (such as Jersey), it looses its VAT paid status.

  • A non-EU resident can enter the EU with a VAT free vessel for up to 18 months before VAT becomes due.

  • A French resident with a non French registered vessel is still required to pay for a Boat "passport" for their vessel (an annual fee).

Whilst this information is believed to be correct we recommend that you seek legal advice and Blue Water Supplies does not accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions.  It should also be considered that individual customs officers in a jurisdiction may have a different interpretation of the law.


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