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Jersey Registration - the registers

There are in fact three ships registers in Jersey:-

Local Register - This includes all local vessels even if they do not travel beyond Jersey waters.  It is a legal requirement to register Jersey based vessels.

Small Ships Register - This is open to British citizens who are Jersey residents.  SSR registration as it is known, does not prove the legal title of the vessel.  SSR registered vessels must show a registration number on the outside of the vessel bearing the SSR prefix.

Part 1 Registration - This is open to non residents and legally proves the title of the vessel.  Part 1 registration is more expensive and more popular with vessels over a certain value.

Who can register a yacht in Jersey?

Since 2004 registration of a British Ship at the port of Jersey is available to:

Individuals - Jersey residents, British citizens, British Nationals (Overseas), British Overseas Territory citizens, British Commonwealth of Nations citizens, European Community citizens.*

Companies incorporated in one of the areas listed above.*

*If Individual/Joint Owners do not reside in Jersey and companies do not have a principal place of business in the island a Representative Person will need to be nominated.  Blue Water Supplies can act as your Representative Person.

Ownership by a Jersey Company

The traditional way for a non-resident to register a Jersey registered vessel is to create a Jersey Company that legally owns the vessel.  Whilst this method may still suit some parties, it is a relatively expensive process in both the long and short term and is not likely to prove cost effective for most individuals.  A far simpler and cost efficient alternative is to appoint a representative person.

Ownership by a Non EC and Non Commonwealth Citizens

Whilst non EU or non commonwealth citizens cannot own a Jersey registered vessel in their own right, the vessel can be owned by an EU or commonwealth registered company which is subsequently owned by the person in question.  This allows almost anyone to own a vessel registered in Jersey either directly or indirectly.






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